C4RD is pleased to present the work of Jerwood Prize winner Virginia Verran, which features her distinctive marker-on-canvas roundel works, as well as paintings that rely heavily on her drawing discoveries. Verran's drawing produces a new way of looking - demanding as it does of the spectator an attention to drawing history and its codes. 

“Drawing allows a hot line to the nervous system, an immediacy not compounded by complex materials and layering. With regard to my own drawing there is a very direct connection with intuition and the ink in the pen is like a vein of mercury.  

In it I have found new images, symbols and signs that relate to global fears and natural wonders and simple abstract invention. In this show I am making a direct connection between a previous (but recently worked on) large painting that contains a similar language of drawn marks that has been carried across from the drawings and back again into the paintings..a circular process.” 

Virginia Verran

"Virginia Verran also uses a rondo format: the double series of circular drawings, Bolus-space and Bonner-space, are in part the result of the artist finding abandoned pieces of already-cut MDF. However, the works these random boards became are far from aleatory, being rather carefully – if intuitively and openly – composed... 

"Dense tracts of sharp, closely clustered imprints of ink delineate relatively immense zones of blankness, the exposed canvas contrasting acutely with the sheer mass of compacted marks...  Zones of light grey and blue, pink and red, some yellows and greens screen out the void of the canvas, slip across it like clouds passing over a milky moon. Running through or over these flat but sinuous formations thin tracks of punctuated colour pulse or pause. The Bonner-space rondos are darker, denser, greatly layered, and arguably heavier and more brooding in their mood (witness the tiny faces, flags, bombs and outcrops of buildings that reside within these works)."

Peter Suchin; artist and critic, and regular contributor to Art Monthly and Frieze.

"the drawings fantasise... what is close to our reality of the world: its multiplicity, its multifariousness, its fugacious quickness and vividness. The simultaneity of the disparate images within the circle of the moment is crucial to this effect.

"The circle also operates at the symbolic level: it is not a window, but an image of the cosmic and the unconfined. The eye moves round it: 'Life is probably round,' said Van Gogh; Gaston Bachelard said, 'The world is round around the round being.'

"All of this refers of course to the symbolic nature of the work itself, nothing to do with any representational or symbolic element in the imagery.  In fact, the 'signs and symbols' in the pictures seem to me to be without referents, free-floating, unattached constructs, detached from code."  

Mel Gooding

Please join us for for this exhibition at the reception 11 April 6-8pm or at the exhibition 12 April - 25 May 2013 - Thursday - Saturday 1 - 6pm at 2 - 4 Highbury Station Road, Highbury Islington, London. C4RD is a Registered UK Charity 1123530, and would particularly like to acknowledge the support of ARTUPDATE.COM/ and our anonymous supporters.